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Homes are places where families live in harmony with their pets. But homes are also subject to different varieties of smells. A typical home is where the mother cooks delicious dishes to tickle the palates of her husband and children. People living by themselves also cook healthy meals. But, in seasons when it is not possible to open windows to air homes, cooking odour permeates the whole house and settles in the carpets, upholstery and curtains. As days go by, the smell leaves a stale odour in the house, which is not only unpleasant but could cling on to your clothing. The result is that you start smelling of stale food and you carry the odour with you to your place of work. Hence, getting rid of cooking odour becomes very important.

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Expert Cooking Odor Removal in Calgary Ab.

cookingodorremoval" Modern Technology and Cooking Odour Elimination

Fortunately, research has proved the efficacy of using ozone as a shock treatment to rid homes of smells. Pet odours, smells from athletic shoes and clothing, mould and mildew all contribute to unpleasant odours together with cooking odour in Calgary.

Advantages of Ozone Shock Treatment - Calgary Food Smell Remover

  1. It is perfectly safe when trained personnel use the treatment in spaces by following specific instructions such as :
  2. Making sure human beings, plants and pets are evacuated before starting the treatment.
  3. Use the airing out procedure once the treatment is over.
  4. Waiting out the prescribed time before people and pets and plants can re-occupy the house
  5. It is perfectly eco-friendly being totally natural. The conventional techniques, of freshening the air in the house using aerosol sprays, are harmful to the environment. Other cleaning chemicals can be hazardous to health. But ozone is produced by nature all the time to purify air, so it is perfectly natural.
  6. Ozone does not leave any residual by-products. Once the ozone does its job of purifying the air, it reverts back to being oxygen which is necessary for us to breathe and live. There are no chemical residues left behind.

For a fresh smelling house with no unpleasant odours and for safer living conditions, there is nothing available now that can beat the Ozone Shock Treatment by Calgary Unique Odour Removal Service "CALL US NOW"