Riding Cigarette Smoke odours in Calgary Canada

Homes: A non-smoker buying a pre-owned house can find that, in spite of all the cleaning that has been done, the smell of cigarette smoke lingers. Any air freshening spray or plug-in can only camouflage the smell for a temporary period of time. But a permanent solution of proven efficacy is the Ozone Shock treatment by UNIQUE ODOUR REMOVER in CALGARY .

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Professional Cigarette Smoke Removal in Calgary

Blow Away That Smoke Smell odorremoval"

Cigarette smoking is not only injurious to health, by causing health hazards to the smokers as well as to those around, but the smoke also damages the environment. The smoke permeates all around the room and the odour settles into the carpets, the walls, the curtains and the upholstery.

Understanding the Ozone Treatment

Ozone is nothing but oxygen intensified. Regular oxygen is made of two molecules whereas ozone has three oxygen molecules. Ozone does not just temporarily mask the smell of tobacco smoke, but strikes it down at the molecular level totally eliminating the source of the odour. The smell of cigarette smoke is from a chemical that is dissipated by the smoke. Ozone successfully destroys that chemical itself.

How we rid of Cigarette Smoke odours in Calgary Canada

HOME: Ozone generators are set it up in rooms with all doors and windows closed and run the generator for several hours. The important thing is that no living thing, whether it is plant or animal or human being, should be present in the house when the ozone shock treatment is in progress. Once the treatment is complete, the doors and windows should be opened and the home aired out. This allows the ozone to revert to its natural state of oxygen.

CARS: Cars again tend to retain the smell of tobacco long after the smoker leaves the car. Here, a duct is attached to the generator and the generator is placed outside the car. All the doors and windows of the car are shut, except the little opening in one window for the duct to be inserted. The rest of the opening in the window has to be sealed tightly with cardboard and tape. After the generator is run for the specified amount of time, you will notice that the car is totally free of the smell of smoke!

Bars and Hotels: Many of the bars and restaurants are so full of smoke that is re-circulated by the air conditioners that their concentration levels keep increasing. Some bars are so full of it that just spending half an hour there will have one’s hair and clothes smelling of cigarette smoke. Unless drastic steps are taken to eliminate this odour, it could prove to be quite unpleasant, and the place can lose clients. Using the Ozone Generator, when the bar is unoccupied in the morning hours. When the ozone comes into contact with the smoke molecules, it effectively destroys them and the result at the end of the treatment is the smell of fresh clean air.

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