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Don’t hesitate any longer! If you’re living in a home with nasty tobacco smoke, cigarette, curry, food, cooking or pet odors here in Calgary, and it’s affecting the enjoyment of your beautiful property, or even the sale of your property, then give us a call right now. It may be a problem for you, but it’s definitely not a problem for us: we’ll get rid of those nasty odors for you quick smart! It’s what we do, and we do it well!

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Now that you’re on our site you’re probably looking for as much information as possible about our Ozone Shock Treatment. So, let’s try to answer all your questions, and don’t forget to check out our Customer Reviews at the bottom!

We normally breathe in two atoms of oxygen, but Ozone, otherwise known as O3 or “activated oxygen” consists of three atoms of oxygen. The earth uses this powerful but simple molecule to clean the atmosphere. Within approximately 45-minutes after use, Ozone converts back into oxygen; plus, it’s non-combustible and chemical-free. This means that if you have nasty odors in your home, our Ozone Treatment is the one guaranteed way of removing it.

Most odors and nasty smells are typically very stubborn, so-much-so that the only way they can be removed permanently is to use a specialized odor treatment. And that’s where our Ozone Shock Treatment can help, by quickly removing odors caused by pets, cigarettes, tobacco smoke, food, mildew, mold, smoke and fire, bacteria, and viruses.

Calgary Ozone Generators

Our Ozone generators create and distribute 03, or Ozone, into the areas to be treated. Nasty smells and odors are attacked by 03 right at the source, permanently removing odors in your office, car, home, gym, hotel, animal barn, basements, and so on.

Expert Cigarette Odor Removal in Calgary Ab.

Cigarette smoke odors are nasty, and pose a huge and ongoing problem for homeowners, realtors, sellers and buyers, landlords, and property managers. These odors are typically masked by using aerosol fresheners, or even by the application of a fresh coat of paint; however, that’s all they do – “mask” the real issue. They don’t eliminate the smell entirely, which makes them just temporary solutions. That’s not how our Ozone Shock Treatment works! We’re not interested in temporary solutions. Our treatment doesn’t simply mask the odor: our Ozone generators ensure the smell is destroyed at the molecular level leaving absolutely no trace of odor at all. The phenol gasses associated with nasty odors are attacked by the Ozone, and all unpleasant smells are completely removed from surfaces.


Cooking Smell – No Problem!

We’ve been using our Ozone Shock Treatment in nursing homes, Restaurants and hospitals for many years now. Our treatments are also in high-demand from homeowners, realtors, and renters in Calgary Alberta or nearby region: Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River Ab., Bragg Creek, Chestermere; all seeking to have unpleasant odors removed from their homes and businesses.

Large or Small Areas – No Problem!

Regardless of the odor or nasty smell you’ve been struggling with, be assured that our Calgary Ozone generators can handle this unwanted problem for you. And it doesn’t matter what size area you need treated – we can handle the smallest closet right through to the largest home. We guarantee that our Ozone Shock Treatment is safe and eco-friendly technology, ensuring that unwanted odors are quickly removed from any surface.

Calgary Ozone Shock Treatment Works:

On contact with any sort of carbon based compounds such as food, pet stench, pet urine, vomit, body odours, mould and mildew, the oxygen molecules oxidise the carbon that is creating the smell. Once oxidised the molecules no longer exist and the smell is gone. We can solve your odor problems if you are in Calgary Alberta or nearby region: Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, High River Ab., Bragg Creek, Chestermere.

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Calgary Odor Removal Customer Ratings & Reviews

Just a quick note to thank you sincerely for your efficient and prompt service. In particular, I’d like to comment on your Calgary Ozone Shock treatment. I had my doubts as to whether your treatment would resolve the large-scale odor problem we were experiencing at the house we just purchased. I must admit I was highly impressed by just how efficient the treatment was, and the speed of the treatment. Now we get to enjoy our new home, completely free of nasty, unwanted odors. To any other homeowner living with horrible odors in their home I highly recommend the Calgary Ozone Shock treatment, because it does work!

Jason: High River Alberta Odor remover in High River

I spent many days trying to erase cigarette odor from a condo that I was required to sell as part of a divorce settlement, but nothing worked. After losing many sales because of the horrible smell, a friend advised me to contact Unique Odor Removal Service right here in Calgary. Within eight hours their Ozone Shock Treatment had resolved the problem. The next people to look through the condo bought it! Thanks very much for a great service.

Abequa: NW Calgary AB. Smoke Odour Removal

As soon as we took possession of our newly purchased home in Airdrie we realized we had been tricked. Now we understood why the previous owners had made sure every window/door in the home was wide open during inspections. On possession day opening the front door, the entire home smelled of cigarettes and alcohol, much like an old pub. It truly was disgusting. We already knew about the Unique Odor Removal service, so called them asking for urgent help. In no time at all the odors were gone and we were able to move in and enjoy our new home. Great customer service, which we really appreciated.

Cheyenne: Airdrie Odor Remover Airdrie Alberta, Canada

I don’t normally write online reviews, but in this instance, I was so impressed that I decided everyone should know about Ozone Shock Treatment. After having a few drinks I accidentally fell asleep on the couch, completely forgetting that I had left a pot of soup boiling on the stove-top. I awoke hours later to a horrible burning smell, and realized that my entire apartment reeked of smoke and burned food. Nothing I tried would remove the horrible smell. I finally decided to call Calgary Unique Odor Removal services and fortunately they were able to come that same day. Problem solved! Thank you so much for your help. I highly recommend this business because their customer service was excellent and their odor-removal treatment worked beautifully.

Xavierre: Cochrane Alberta Food Odor Removal Cochrane

Staff were very efficient, and customer service was great. The technician arrived on time, was very polite and friendly, and did an excellent job removing the awful wet-dog smell from our large home in Okotoks, Alberta. Would highly recommend this business to other homeowners struggling with odor problems.

James Animal Smell Remover

I’ve used this company many times in the past, but this is the first time I’ve written a review for them. Each time I’ve called them to rid my rental properties of nasty smoke or pet odors their technician has come on-site that same day. They do a fabulous job. The technician is always friendly and helpful, and I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone who needs to have nasty smells and odors removed from their rental properties. Thank you for a very efficient and prompt service.

Jessica Dang Curry Smell Removal

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