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Calgary Odor Eradication Services

Many of us in Calgary Alberta at one time have had a puppy or kitten that has had an accident indoors or in the car while traveling to the vets or to a kennel. The smell is hard to remove even with chemical cleaners. Based in Calgary, Unique Odor Removal Services uses a new method of odor elimination that uses generated ozone to rid your property of all sorts of smells that includes pet urine. Whether the smell is from one little puddle of urine or from several over a period of weeks and months, we are able to totally eliminate the smell from your property. Sometimes we don’t know about the urine until we notice a smell coming from under the lounge suite or behind furniture. We can’t get into these places to clean it up but ozone gets into every nook and cranny where stench are lingering and destroys them..

"My wife can sleep better in our 2007 Jayco RV after your odor treatment thanks guys"

Pet Odor Removal

We are Calgary firm our service area: Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks, High River, Black Diamond, Bragg Creek and more. Ozone is very efficient for urine odor destruction minus harmful chemicals that may leave residues in any surface.

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Cigarette Smoke

On contact with any sort of carbon based compounds such as cigarette smoke, the oxygen molecules oxidise the carbon that is creating the smell. Once oxidised the molecules no longer exist and the smell is gone leaving behind a clean smelling room or car.

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Basement Smell

The ozone treatment destroys all of the bacteria, moulds and funguses that live in your basement. They can be caused by damp getting in and growing on walls and floors, freezer malfunctions, pet urine, boiler leaks, basement flood.

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Cooking Odour

Unique Odour Removal in Calgary to rid your property of all cooking smells. An ozone generator will remove smells from the following places with ease: Motor home, Caravan, Home, Office, Hotel, School Canteen, Anywhere that food is prepared.

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Ozone shock treatment Calgary

The new method of ozone shock treatment is used to eliminate all body smells and damp smells from your sporting gear. An ozone generator is used to produce high levels of ozone that gets into the clothing and kills all bacteria living there and creating the smell. The ozone reacts with the contaminants that produce the smell and eliminates them. Your gear will smell clean and fresh, just air it out after treatment and it will smell like it has never been used.

What is ozone?

  • Ozone is an oxygen compound that has 3 atoms
  • The oxygen we all know has 2 atoms and is represented by O2
  • When oxygen is in the 3 atom form it acts as a steriliser that destroys viruses, bacteria and odour on contact

How is it created?

  • Lightning strikes create ozone naturally
  • An ozone generator is used to make the high levels of ozone needed to eliminate odours from clothes and shoes
  • The generator creates ozone by passing oxygen through an electrified field that causes the atom to split into 3 molecules thus creating ozone

How ozone shock treatment works?

On contact with any sort of carbon based compounds such as food, pet stench, pet urine, drink, body odours, mould and mildew, the oxygen molecules oxidise the carbon that is creating the smell. Once oxidised the molecules no longer exist and the smell is gone.

Any food or drink that is spilt on clothes and shoes soon sees bacteria moving in and causing those rank smells we know so well. Soon the locker room smells stale and rotten but after using sports gear smell removal by Calgary Unique Stink Removal’s servieces the locker room will smell clean and fresh once more.

Do you have stench issues in these area?

  • Nursing Homes
  • Mildew
  • Restaurants
  • Heath Care
  • Hospitality Facilities
  • Schools
  • Rv - Recreational vehicle
  • Automotive

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